Let The Teeth Whitening Experts Make your Smile Happy!

Conveniently located near Grand Station Terminal - 30 E 40th street, suite 105-B New York, NY 10016

Teeth Whitening Experts NYC

  • Teeth Whitening is our passion.  We love helping your smile look its best.  We’ve been providing exceptional teeth whitening services to New Yorkers since 2010  in our Midtown Manhattan dental office, near the Grand Central Terminal. 
  • Our exceptional team has performed thousands of teeth whitening procedures with many satisfied clients.
  • Teeth Whitening Experts take a personal approach to treating our patients.
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Best choice in NYC for your next Teeth Whitening

  • We are confident that our office is your best choice for your next professional in-office Teeth whitening treatment.  Below are some of the reasons why you can trust us with your smile: 

We are not just a boutique teeth whitening office.  We are a full service cosmetic dental office located in midtown Manhattan.  Before your teeth whitening treatment begins, one of our licensed hygienists or dentists will examine and polish your teeth.  If you have any dental concerns we are happy to provide a consultation during your teeth whitening visit.

Our offices was founded in 2010.  We have grown since then, expanded, modernized, but kept the personal interactions with our patients.  We realized early on that teeth whitening is the dental procedure most requested by our patients.  Which is why we’ve become the top teeth whitening provider in the country.  Each year we perform over a thousand teeth whitening treatment to our satisfied clients. 

Kaboom! Light Activated teeth whitening gel is exclusively used in our location.  The Kaboom! brand created a formula that provides best possible whitening results with least amounts of tooth sensitivity for our clients.  Working closely with Kaboom! allows us to maintain the quality control we feel is necessary to provide you with the best possible products. Since the teeth whitening products are made exclusively for our use, we are sure that we always have the freshest products that are properly refrigerated at every step of the process.

Time is money.  We value your time.  There is almost never a wait in our office.  We do our best to run on time for you. 

Our office is one of the most highly rated offices on the web.  For over 10 years we worked our best to provide exceptional service for our clients.

Since we are a full service dental office, we can provide our patients with a comprehensive dental check-up, cleaning, and teeth whitening.  All in just 1 visits, takes about 90 minutes.  Many Dental PPO insurance plans are accepted. 

For a limited time we are offering a FREE Teeth Whitening Pen ($35 Value) with your next in-office teeth whitening.  It’s a great way to maintain your teeth whitening results.  The teeth whitening pen conveniently lets you whiten your smile on the go.

Having whiter teeth makes people happy.  Our mission is to make teeth whitening and healthy teeth affordable to everyone.  We are changing the world, one smile at a time 🙂