Will Teeth Whitening Make my Teeth Sensitive?

  • Teeth sensitivity from teeth whitening used to be a very common problem.  With our new Kaboom! Teeth Whitening formula that problem has largely been solved.  While everyone is unique and tooth sensitivity can occur.  We believe our 35% Hydrogen peroxide Kaboom Teeth Whitening formula provides the best results with least amounts of sensitivity.

How to prevent tooth Sensitivity from Teeth Whitening?

  • To prevent sensitivity, we ask patients to let us know if they’re experiencing tooth sensitivity during the teeth whitening treatments.  Our clients get a bell to ring to alert us in case their teeth feel sensitivity.  In rare instances when a person feels sensitivity, we encourage clients not complete the entire 3 whitening sessions of 15 minutes each.  People can get good results by doing just two sessions of teeth whitening in a visit. 

What should I do if my teeth become sensitive?

  • Usually tooth sensitivity lasts just 1-3 days when it occurs.  Patients may feel an occasional zing on their tooth.  We recommend to take an Advil if needed.  Using sensitivity toothpaste such as Sensodyne will help as well